books & anthologies

The Idiotlect Dicktionary


In Michał’s world, unicorns make pacts with rainbows to sell humans for soup, coffins are growing in chests and capitalism is winking at its victims. The only things left to do are to drink absinthe to feel like a poet and like posts from Jeremy Corbyn.



International poets come together in a fascinating anthology of visual poetry with a spooky twist. The book showcases innovative approaches to three-dimensional visual poetry and features visual poets from the UK, the US, Canada and beyond.

The Cry of the Poor


This ambitious anthology asks urgent and compelling questions about what poverty is, who it affects, and what it feels like. In doing so it carves a little space for many voices and experiences not often heard within mainstream contemporary literature.

Sending Nudes


Some touch on feminist & LGBTQ+ issues, while others focus on aging and our flawed human bodies. Some are light and playful, and others go deeper. The common thread is: they all raise interesting questions about the nude, and why we are compelled to send it. 



A wide range of visual poems themed around cuteness is framed with significant critical essays and page-based poems that take the theme to another dimension. Featuring a wide range of poetic and critical responses by UK-based and international poets.

The Cursory Remix


Can you save Understanding from the totalitarian Google Translate? This interactive book takes you on a translating adventure. Escape the country that sacrifices friends and save yourself from the Not Fault Tolerant services of Google. 

StreetCake experimental writing anthology 2022


The book is an anthology of fiction, poetry and artwork that is considered experimental, innovative or non-traditional in style. It gathers writing from the 25 winners of the StreetCake Experimental Writing Prize, one of the most vital and forward-thinking writing prizes in the UK.

The Transformative Power of Tattoo


This collection of fiction, nonfiction and poetry brings together a diverse group of writers who delve into tattoos in terms of class, body image, history, empowerment and transformations. It’s an investigation into why people get tattoos and how they transform a person’s life.