What's the wildest thing you did with your writing? What's the strangest poem you've ever written? Discover innovative poetry in my live online course.

This course is for people who are new to poetry, or people interested in writing poetry who want to branch out into experimental forms. The course will present various forms of innovative writing and help you create art you never thought possible. With a 30% lecture / 70% workshop structure there will be plenty to learn with your knowledgeable teacher but also plenty of pure writing fun! By the end of the course, you will have created a mini-portfolio of five innovative poems.

The course structure will be as follows:
Class 1 – found text, collage poetry and erasure poetry
Class 2 – compact poetry
Class 3 – interactive poetry
Class 4 – poetic shapes and objects

Come, learn, write, and let your mind be blown!

Knowledge required

No previous knowledge is necessary – the class is suitable for beginners. All you need is an interest in writing! 

What to bring

I will e-mail you a list of requirements before the class – you will mostly just need a pen and paper. 

Session repeats

This class series runs over four consecutive sessions, at the same time every week.

"A wonderfully fun and freeing experimental poetry class. Can't wait for more weird and wonderful creations of visual art, performance and words."

- Nicola Joyce, copywriter

"It was really fun and I didn’t realise how time passed. I feel more confident to work again on the text."

- Katerina Sotiraki, musician and performance maker

"I enjoyed all the activities a great deal. I felt they helped me open up my creative mind, get into a flow and also bond us as a group "

- Joe Rizzo-Naudi, writer

Do you want a creativity-enhancing workshop for your company?

Together with artist Elly Rutherford I run Creativity For Corporate. We offer creativity-boosting  workshops based on experimental art. They are perfect for corporate employees. We offer four types of workshops:

  • After-hours workshop with connection-building activities
  • Creativity-enhancing workshop with experimental art and creative thinking techniques
  • Poetry writing for well-being – a creative writing session designed to help you take better care of your mental health

  • Bespoke workshops