My best performance to date

Together with Astra Papachristodoulou from Poem Atlas, I curated a visual and object poetry exhibition at Folkestone’s Brewery Tap. We called it ‘Hauntings’ as it had a spooky twist! We decided to throw a closing party with readings and performances from Astra, Stephen Emmerson, Alexis Fedorjaczenko, Stephen Mooney, Josephine Carter and me – I closed the show. I decided to perform my installation, called ‘Hello?’ – it is a phrenology head updated for the 21st century with anxious curses:

I thought: “Why not make the performance a participatory one?” (as I love interactive and participatory art). So I did. And I was very happy because people responded beautifully. It was also a curious exercise in letting go, as I really enjoy having control. Overall, I loved people’s reactions and involvement. See for yourself:

To read more about the exhibition and see photos and the complete video with performances, click HERE.